Al-Thā’labī (1376 A.H) mentioned Ibn al-Ḥājj Al-Fāsī Al-Māliki (737 A.H) in his book Al-Fikr Al-Sāmī fī Tārīkh Al-Fiqh Al-Islāmī:

الإمام العلم الشهير بالزهد والوقوف مع السنة ، له طريق في التصوف شهيرة أخذها عن العارف أبي محمد ابن أبي جمرة ، وينكر على الطرق ما ابتدعوه من البدع التي لا تعلق لها بالسنة ، إمام فقيه له كتاب المدخل وغيره .

The imam, the eminent personage, famous for his ascetics/zuhd , and for strictly following the Sunnah.  He adhered to a well-known way of Tasawwuf which he took from the knower of Allah Abū Muḥammad Ibn Abī Jamarah (699 A.H).  He used to condemn those things practiced in tariqas which they  innovated into the religion which had no connection to the Sunnah.  He was an imam and a scholar in fiqh, the author of Al-Madkhal and other books.

*Note: This article will be updated with more about Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Fasi soon in sha Allah.